SureSave Energy Ltd - an innovative approach to Energy Solutions.

SureSave Energy Ltd are an innovative company with a fresh approach to energy saving and compliance utilising a comprehensive range of services, sound advice and solutions for all utilities focusing on Electricity, Gas, Water and Sustainable Environments, in the area of:

  • Energy Management
  • Energy Procurement
  • Carbon Services
  • Water Services

With the focus firmly on benefits for the client, our services range from energy purchasing to utility rebates and everything in between to save our clients' money, time and ensure compliance.

Client satisfaction is key to our success, our four point plan of measure, return, save & comply encompasses many years of experience in energy saving services and technologies.

Measure - A full assessment is carried out across all utilities to create visibility on spend and consumption.

Return - Once the assessment is complete, a bill validation process is carried out to identify energy rebates, and grants available which in many cases can return many thousands of pounds to reinvest in energy saving solutions.

Save - From energy purchasing to energy saving and energy efficiency solutions, a plan is created with detailed return on investment calculations for all relevant technologies which for many will create substantial savings on energy costs.

Comply - Whether its compliance for Low Carbon, ESOS, Carbon Reduction or Verification of Energy Saving Measurements, SureSave Energy Ltd have the compliance package for you.


How much are you losing?

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Whatever your Energy needs - SureSave Energy have the solution